Monitor Riser With Drawer

  • Using a transparent/translucent material to retouch the heavy feeling, but also let ordinary monitor riser stand look fashionable and liking.
  • Anti-Slipped Rubber to protect your table surface stay away from scratches.
  • Easily adjust the height with your computer riser.
  • Holds up to 15Kg.



Monitor riser with Drawer

Monitor riser with Drawer

The Monitor riser with Drawer provides organization and allows you to store office items, freeing your desk from clutter. It Is a space-saving and organized choice for you.



Adjustable Height

The monitor riser provides adjustable height positions to elevate your monitor to an optimal viewing height. This will release the pressure on your neck and eyes. It will also make you feel comfortable during use. Chen-Source's monitor riser with drawer will definitely promote a healthy posture and increase productivity for everyone.

Adjustable Height



With Wireless Charge

With Wireless Charge

You are welcome to add a QI wireless fast charger (optional) to this monitor riser. Just simply put any certified phone on the charging pad and the charging will start automatically within seconds. No more struggling with cables.




With Usb Hub

The monitor riser provides 4 USB hub data transmission ports. This is very convenient for connecting multiple devices like a keyboard and a mouse simultaneously to this monitor riser. Both charging and data transfer are available.

With Usb Hub



Outside dimension (WxDxH)


Inner dimension (WxDxH)


Drawer inner space (WxDxH)


Height Adjust




Function Mode (Option)

4 ports USB_HUB (USB 3.0*1+USB 2.0*3)


Wireless Charge:5W/15W

360° PHOTO



aw40117h 2  aw40117q 4


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