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We are Chen-Source, from humble beginnings in 1986, years of planning, diligence, and integrity have quickly transformed us into a leading manufacturer of ergonomic office accessories and charging solutions products. Utilizing the latest engineering and manufacturing techniques, Chen-Source now develops an entire line of products, each created to simplify your home and office workspace. With over thirty years of experience in design and manufacturing, Chen-Source is your source for high-quality, user-friendly office solutions.
With dedicated professionalism, a passion for manufacturing ergonomic office accessories and charging solutions, and by working closely with both partners and clients, we are constantly expanding and developing new markets, enabling users worldwide to enjoy quality Chen-Source products.
That is the Chen-Source way.


Research and Development

At the core of our strength is our ability to continually develop new and innovative products that simplify the workplace. That's why Chen-Source's research and development force, with staff in Taiwan, occupies over 15% of our total employment. Each year, millions of dollars are devoted to R&D, enabling us to always stay ahead of the curve and to deliver the right product at the right time.
Our research and development department includes both industrial and mechanical design teams. They oversee the entire production process from designing the product exterior and internal structure to choosing materials, creating molds, cutting, tooling, the complete assembly process, and all inspection levels. Constant focus on R&D gives us the ability to design tomorrow's products for the fast-paced businesses of today.



We are an ISO9001 certified factory located in Taiwan, we own over 54,000 square meters of combined factory space, along with a full complement of the latest manufacturing equipment, which gives us the capacity to fully service both OEM and ODM business.
Our completely sealed EMC lab tests product compliance with, CE, and FCC standards. What's more, our state-of-the-art QC and reliability facilities ensure that every product shipped is worthy of the Chen-Source name.



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Chen-Source is your source for high-quality, user-friendly office solutions.


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