Dual Arm Monitor & Laptop Mount

  • Type:2 in 1

4 aluminum Swivels (dual arms) offer a complete dual monitor arm swivel adjustable configuration. The swing adjustability of monitor mount offers to view comfort with solid construction and saves your ergonomic workspace. Vertical pole with C-Clamp mounting. Create ergonomics at work when you push the screen aside to the wall

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What is a Monitor Arm?


Are you tired of stacking books or cardboard boxes just to raise your monitor to the perfect angle and comfortable viewing position? It's understandable because we all want to be in the best position possible to enjoy our screen time, but stacking books and cardboard boxes are not the right solution. It is critical to have the best monitor arm because it allows you to raise your monitor screen to an ergonomic height, maximize your workspace, and is also beneficial to your health. Therefore, a dual arm monitor and laptop mount would offer the greatest solution!




Dual Monitor Arm - EM43136

Chen-Source got the dual monitor arm mount (EM43136); made to accommodate people who have two monitors. This VESA-compatible monitor arm contains two VESA heads, four swivel arms, a 302mm pole, and a 2in1 base mount. Similar to most arms, Chen-Source’s dual monitor arm has excellent durability and flexibility. For example, it allows the monitor to be tilted and swiveled at ±90 degrees while providing screen rotation up to ±180 degrees. The aluminum material monitor arm is able to hold up to a 27-inch monitor and each monitor with a maximum of 10kg. One of the great news for the ladies is that this mount is easy to assemble, anyone can install it on their own with tools. This monitor laptop arm is also designed with cable management to keep the power cable in one place so that it remains organized.

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modular monitor arm

Modularized design


Create your own style that can meet various demands!


All Chen-Source’s monitor arms are customizable. According to different people’s needs, customers are able to choose their desired modules and assemble them together without tools. For example, you can change the table mount into a wall mount, or upgrade a single monitor arm to a dual monitor arm. Moreover, you can add a laptop tray onto the arm mount so you can mount your monitor screen and laptop in one product. This will become a dual arm monitor and laptop mount.





Features- EM43136

- VESA MIS-D 75x75/100x100mm

- Hold up to 27 inches/10kg per monitor

- Elegant, Stylish, and high performance with ergonomic design.

- Adjustable viewing angles and viewing height, which can be used while sitting or standing.

- Swift movement with smooth adjustment

- Easy to assemble and disassemble without any tools.

- Made with aluminum alloy and metal materials, strong and safe.

- Space saving

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Regardless of what monitor arm you choose, you will appreciate the extra space at your desk as well as the health benefits it provides. Using monitor arms will help you save a lot of valuable desk space that you can use for other things like candles, family photos, or coffee mugs. Most importantly, the monitor arm will offer you the highest level of comfort by providing you with a perfect ergonomic viewing height and viewing angle. Let's create a clean and productive workspace by using the best monitor arm!
























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