As the trend of interactive teaching booming, teachers are now more and more used to teach by mobile devices such as Apple iPad, Android tablet, surface tablet, and even Chrome book. Students can easily upload and check home works online by those devices. However, how to store and charge those precious devices become a major issue of teachers and that is tablet charging carts do.


2 best charging carts options for creating ergonomics at work



It could be challenging to look for the best charging cart for all kinds of tablets and iPad, as there are all kinds of laptop tablet charging carts in the market. Basically, there are two different kinds of charging carts, in terms of charging technology, to choose from. AC charging cart is typically a charging product which is designed for charging mobile devices, including tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, and even laptops or so called notebooks, with AC adapters. The most advantage of AC charging cart or trolley is that it can charge devices nearly no limitation. However, AC charging carts also require more spaces to store AC adapters compared with USB charging carts.



AC Smart Charging for 32 Mobile Devices




More Products:

MN232VS - AC Smart Charging for 32 Mobile Devices


USB Charging Trolley


Another type of charging cart is USB charging cart, which include 2 sort of USB ports, USB type-A and USB type-C. USB charging cart is created to charge mobile devices by the USB cable only, hence there is no need for AC adapter at all. But why USB charging not AC charging? The advantages of USB charging carts include data sync, save space for storage of AC adapter, easily change devices without replacing the cable. That is why there are more and more demands for USB charging carts recently.


USB Charging Trolley for 32 Mobile Devices




How to choose the best charging cart for tablet and iPad?

There are some tips for reference.


The First Tip

Thinking about is how many devices or charging bays you need is very important. There are 32-bay and 42-bay charging carts to choose from. When there are only 30 students in a class. The 32-bay charging cart would fit the need.



Do you need to sync data across the devices while charging? The data synchronization function typically comes with USB charging cart. AC charging cart does not have that function, so if you need to synchronize data, you better to choose USB charging cart with iTunes data sync function as your best charging cart for tablet and iPad.



Smart charging function is also more and more popular as it can allow charging cart charge devices more efficiently and safely. In the Chen-Source charging cart series, Smart Charging carts can charge 38% faster than NON-smart charging carts from 0% to 100%. Plus, compared with other similar smart charging systems on the market, the charging speed of Chen-Source Smart Charging Technology is 22% faster than others generally.


Finally, do you need a device charging indicator to indicate the status of charging? Also, the 3-point door lock system is crucial to secure mobile devices from thieves. These are important when choose a best charging carts for tablet, iPad, and even Chromebook.


                              Chen Source MN232VS AC Charging CartChen Source TT232PS USB Charging Cart


So, is there any charging cart in the market can fulfill the criteria listed above? CHENSOURCE TT232PS can do it!

The TT232PS USB-A charging cart is designed for charging Apple iPads, tablet PC, and Chromebook by its 32 USB type-A ports. There are two channels with 16 USB-A ports and LED charging indicators each inside it. Furthermore, it equips 3-point lock door design with wall mount to protect your mobile devices securely.




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