Laptop Cooling Pad Accessories

  • Laptop cooling pad with 4 Silent and powerful 80mm fans for excellent cooling performance.
  • Red LEDs display gaming ambiance.
  • Compatible with large laptop up to 18inch for your ergonomic workplace.
  • Science and technology sense of appearance with turbojet and supercar elements.
  • One button to adjust fan speed and LED brightness. (speed and brightness is synchronized)(High, Middle, Low, Turn off)
  • 3 port USB HUB (USB3.0 x 1 + USB2.0 x 2) to expand connectivity.


laptop cooling accessories-AW40322

Laptop Cooling Accessories

Among the many laptop cooling accessories of Chen-Source, one of the laptop cooling pad is designed with a science and technology sense of appearance with turbojet and supercar elements. It's to fit up to 18-inch large laptops, helping to cool down the temperature and being ergonomic for those who stare at a computer for a long time.



4 High Speed Silent Fans

The laptop cooling pad has 4 silent yet powerful 80mm fans for excellent cooling performance, also with red LEDs to create a cool game atmosphere and visual effects for you.

4 high speed silent fans-aw40322



3 angle adjustments-aw40322

3 Angle Adjustments

Adjustable height from flat to an angle of 7 to 22 degrees to adapt to your level of vision and physical posture to achieve ergonomic comfort and correct posture while using the computer for extended periods of time. It's not just a laptop cooling pad, but also a perfect laptop stand.
The panel of the laptop cooler is equipped with 2 non-slip baffles, which makes it suitable for large and heavy laptops.




3 Port USB HUB to Expand Connectivity

Three USB ports allow for connecting more USB devices. Both charging and data transfer are available.

3 port usb hub to expand connectivity-aw40322



Dimension (WxDxH)





Powerful Laptop Cooling Pad For Gaming - AW40322


Still searching for gaming setup ideas? This fancy and robotic monitor arm and laptop cooling pad make it more suitable for gaming players!!

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