Charging Cabinet For Laptops/Laptop Charging Cabinet


DU210VS is ideally working for securing, protecting, and charging up to 10 mobile devices, accommodating almost any device such as tablet/Chromebook/laptop up to 13.3-inch screen size. A built-in Smart Charging Technology can charge your mobile devices intelligently, optimize the charging time, and prevent any damages caused by electrical circuit overload. Also, the data synchronize function creates, deletes, moves, and modifies easily and quickly, and the charging is compatible with most tablets even if it is mixed in both IOS & Android. Multiple mobile device charging designs will come more popular to be used for many kinds of deployment in education, enterprise, governments, or retail stores. The way and demand for store/secure/charging/centralized managing devices will come bigger than ever.





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As the trend of interactive teaching booming, teachers are now more and more used to teaching with mobile devices such as laptops, Apple iPad, Android tablets, Surface tablets, and even Chromebook. Students can easily upload and check homework online on those devices. However, how to store and charge those precious devices becomes a major issue for all teachers. The Type-C Charging cabinet (DU210VS) is the best solution for all teachers. It is able to fast charge, sync, and secure up to 13.3-inch screen size devices and charge up to 10 mobile devices at a time, which is the greatest laptop charging cabinet!





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DU210VS - Multiview and Features

- Firmware upgrade

- LED Indicator for charging and sync status

- 1-point steel key lock

- With cable management

- DC Fans

- Sync function




DU210VS Highlights

- Charge and data sync simultaneously

- Type-C interface

- PD 3.0

- USB 2.0

- Firmware upgradeable

- Stackable

- Handles on both sides

- Ventilation for heat dissipation

- Certification: FCC/CE/RCM/ICES-003



- Wall mount bracket

- Daisy Chain

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Chen-Source DU210VS Model Comparison 


Chen-Source DU210VS

 Other Brands

1.      Ports

10 Ports

10 Ports

2.      Transfer Speed

USB 2.0

USB 2.0

3.      USB Power Delivery

USB PD 3.0

USB PD 3.0

4.      Powerful Charging

Mas. 20W   53666 9 good hq image free png

Max. 18W

5.      Charging Output

5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.67A  53666 9 good hq image free png

5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

6.      Firmware Upgradeable

YES  53666 9 good hq image free png


7.      Charging & Data

Charging & Sync  53666 9 good hq image free png


8.      Power Supply

350W  53666 9 good hq image free png




 DU210VS Advantages




Charging and sync



Interoperability (Flexible application)

Via the I/O port, users can customize to add other non-USB technologies modules like Wi-Fi or Ethernet.


Multiple power distribution

USB Power Delivery (PD) is a single-wire protocol leveraging new USB Type-C standards and cables. With USB PD, USB Type-C ports will be a source only


Backward compatible






Easy to use (Reversible)



Long-lasting (Reliability)

Type-C head metal with matte thickened material, including aluminum

case protection, with up to 10,000 times more plug life and strength.


Various charging Voltage

Type-C ports can provide up to Max. 20 watts of power per port. (12V/1.67A, 9V/2A, 5V/3A)









WHY Smart Charging Technology?

The Smart Charging Technology mainly makes your power charging more efficient, and shorten and optimize the charging time of your devices. This technology detects the physical power output status and switches to the cycle charging automatically when power overloads, so it can provide the best charging solution to protect your devices all the time. Through the Smart Charging Technology, it can keep detecting and identifying the power status, absolutely implementing to maximize charging efficiency and save your charging time.


During the process of automatic charging control, inrush current is filtered out, and when the total current required by at least two channels is higher than the maximal current supply value, at least two channels take turns charging for the first charging period. If one of the channels is satisfying the condition and remaining channels can take turns charging until the devices are fully charged. Therefore, this smart charging method can filter out inrush current and effectively increase charging efficiency. The major principle of the concept is to select the large current channel to supply power among two or three channels depending on different models. Every 15 minutes, the control board can detect automatically to re-allocate power to the most needed channel to charge plugged devices to an average capacity which means every device can be charged to a similar level to avoid an uneven situation, for example, some devices are 100% charged and some are only 50% charged. So this technology is smart to know WHEN to reallocate power to different channels or charge all devices at the same time according to the surrounding environment and your equipment.






Charging Time Comparison

To compare the efficiency of the actual charging carts on the market, the Chen-Source charging cart series, Smart Charging carts can charge plugged devices 38% faster than NON-smart charging carts from 3% to 100% in the lab environment. Plus, compared with other similar smart charging systems on the market, the charging speed of Chen-Source Smart Charging Technology is 22% faster than other competitors generally. This test can prove that Chen-Source's Smart Charging Technology performance is a brilliant method to manage your charged devices.

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Patent Certifications

We have successfully gained the U.S. and Taiwan patents for Smart Charging Technology in both AC and DC charging areas. Please feel free to ask us if you want to know more information!







10 Bays

Charging Type

Type-C Charging & Sync


Tablets ≦13.3 inch Screen Device

Compartment Dimension (WxDxH)


Cabinet Dimension (WxDxH)


Net Weight N.W: 9.5Kg / G.W: 12KG
Smart Charging Yes

LED Indicator



Yes / Yes

Cable Management



North America: FCC / IEC-003

Europe: CE, UKCA

Australia / N.Z: RCM

Power Specification

Input: AC 100-240V, 6.8A

Output: PD3.0

12V/1.67A, 9V/2A, 5V/3A/ Per USB port




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